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John & Rosemary Howlett

12 Lori Lane Boat Name - Die Valkyrie II
Chatham, NJ 07928 Home Port - Jamestown, RI
Boat Model - 44
Boat Year - 1995
Home Phone - 973-635-2274
Business Phone - 973-635-1424 (John)
Business Phone - 908-709-1919 X111 (Rosemary)
Email Address - (John)
Email Address - (Rosemary)

Origin of Boat Name - Die Valkyrie was one of the warlike goddess-maidens from Norse mythology.  The Valkyries rode on swift horses across the skies (swift like a Moody sailboat) and were armed with spears, shields, and helmets.  Odin sent them into battlefields to choose dead heros, take them to Valhalla, and serve them feasts.  Die Valkyrie were made famous in the opera by Richard Wagner which is part of his Ring series.

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Die Valkyrie II at 1998 Jamestown Rendezvous